Stonegate Fireplace Sierra


Capture the beauty of European estates while making year round use of the outdoors with a Tremron Fireplace. Entertain loved ones even during the chilliest of nights, while keeping cozy with this grand centerpiece, or easily incorporate a pizza oven to embody an old-world essence and flair to your dishes.

Designed to keep you warm and protect your property from fire-related accidents, our fireplaces also boast excellent weather resistance with a solid structure, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions and temperature changes. Seamlessly integrate a custom fireplace into your backyard hardscape design using Stonegate or Munich wall blocks; transforming your backyard dreams into a beautiful reality.

Munich Fire Pits Sierra

Fire Pits

Create a natural gathering space for friends and family with a fire pit by Tremron. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows over laughter and stories or sipping wine for two, memories are sure to be created year after year with this great feature added to your outdoor living space.

A fire pit is a great addition to any hardscape installation and can be installed during the initial phase of patio construction or as a future upgrade.

Bullnose Coping Tan

Bullnose Coping

Bullnose coping is a perfect addition to any hardscape project and is most commonly used as the finished edge around pools. However, bullnose coping can also be used as a highlight to an entryway, steps or any other application requiring a finished edge.

Regular Bullnose is the classic edge for all 2-⅜” paver installations and new construction.

Our 1″ thick remodel bullnose coping is available in three nose lengths to accomodate almost any overlay remodel project.

Roma Edger Text Texture

Roma Edger

Create an elegant accent to driveways and patios with Roma Edger blocks. Boasting a handsome profile with a naturally rough textured top surface, which is perfectly balanced by the subtle slate patterned finished side. For added stability and versatility, each unit is slightly tapered on each side enabling them to interlock with one another creating straight or curved lines.

Roma Edgers can also be used to create a 48″ diameter circle to surround trees or planter beds.

Contempo Bullnose Natura Grey

Contempo Bullnose

Upgrade your coping choice with the new Contempo Bullnose Coping from Tremron. With its generous sizing and gently curved edge, Contempo Bullnose Coping is ideal for pool coping or stair tread. The sleek, yet commanding silhouette lends itself from classic to contemporary, creating a striking focal point for any feature it is accenting.

Enjoy high-end quality and style with new Contempo Bullnose Coping from Tremron. This bold coping adds a sleek look to any paving project with its enlarged 12″x24″ stature. Available in four solid color options Natural Grey, Light Huntington, Sandstone, and Tan, that pair perfectly with any of Tremron’ extensive paver collections.

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