Aqua Paver Autumn Blend

Aqua Paver

With their beautiful unique shape, versatile design and superior permeability, Aqua Pavers are the ideal solution for eco-friendly hardscape design with optimum aesthetic appeal. Additionally, Aqua Pavers help protect the environment from dangerous pollutants in storm water run-off by allowing for the readmission of water into the ground naturally recharging the aquifer.

SF Rima Permeable Pavers Charcoal

SF Rima

SF Rima permeable pavers will reduce or eliminate storm water run-off, which decreases flooding and relieves sewer systems. With a 3-⅛” thick profile, SF Rima provides a sturdy surface for vehicular traffic, making it perfect for both residential and commercial uses. With the unique spacer design, SF Rima can be installed nub to block, or nub to nub for increased water drainage and turf growth.

4x8 Permeable Sierra

4×8 Permeable

The 4×8 Permeable Paver has the appearance of a traditional paver, but with oversized joints to allow for water to infiltrate through the sub base releasing into the ground below. This reduces run-off and helps filter the rain water as it is reintroduced back into the ground water supply. Produced in a 3-⅛” thickness, it can be used in both residential and heavy vehicular applications, and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Stonehurst Antirque Sierra

Old Towne Permeable

Offering the grace and beauty of our most iconic paver with the superb sustainability of our Green Collection; the Olde Towne Permeable paver captures the beauty of classic old world estates while minimizing environmental impact.

The oversized joints allow for water to infiltrate into the sub base until it is naturally absorbed by the aquifer, thus dramatically reducing or eliminating flooding. Ideal for residential LEED Certified applications.

Turf Block

Turf Block

Providing a permanent solution to soil erosion problems, Turf Block can be used in a wide variety of applications, from fire routes and parking areas to residential applications such as driveways and patios. Manufactured 3-⅛” thick, Turf Block provides a sturdy pavement for vehicular traffic that is perfect for both residential and commercial uses.

Pervious Pavers Sierra

Pervious Pavers

A permeable, environmentally-friendly interlocking paver designed to allow water to flow through the paver and be recaptured in the subsoil. Pervious Pavers are available in 4×8 or Olde Towne sizes. Tremron pervious pavers are recommended for parking areas that do not receive heavy vehicular traffic. (Not recommended for roadways)

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