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4x8 Sunset Yellow Chocolate


Our 4×8 pavers are ideal for brick driveways and courtyards. They exhibit a simple and traditional shape and posses strong interlocking properties that provide attractive yet functional pattern possibilities.

Euro Cobble Chestnut Buff Charcoal Harborside Driveway

Euro 2PC

Euro 2pc portrays an old European look to your project. The Euro 2pc shape is a two piece paver (6×6 and 6×9) that allows for numerous design possibilities for your courtyard & brick pathways.

Euro 3pc

Euro 3pc

Euro 3pc is a three piece paving stone with larger bricks that give it a more dramatic and bold look. All this while still delivering the old time European stone look and feel. Euro 3pc is perfect for driveways, pool decks, and patios.



Cobble brick pavers have embossed edges which are reminiscent of old time cobblestone. Cobble is a three piece paving stone which opens an array of creative patterns. Cobble Stones are prevalent throughout New England and Europe.



Also used in the Euro Cobble, our 6×9 patio paver displays an inviting look as it combines a yesteryear appearance with a new age emergence. As with the 4×8 and the 6×9, provides for endless pattern ability.



The 8×8 shape with its square dimension allows the ultimate design versatility when used separately or combined with other shapes.


9×12 MegaSlate

The 9×12 MegaSlate shape has a textured surface appearance that reflects elegance and quality in applications such as flower gardens or brick gardens, or surrounding outdoor fireplaces. Tricircle pavers recommends the use of a neoprene pad when installing pavers with textured surfaces.



Our 12×12 paver stone is very well suited for courtyards, flower gardens and concrete patio design of a more traditional, conservative appearance.

Bishop Hat

Bishop Hat

When complimented with 8×8 and 4×4 brick pavers, Bishop Hat provides for many stunning patterns for your brick driveway and surrounding outdoor fireplace. Bishop Hat can also be used independently to create flowing, interlocking patterns.



The Mariposa shape is unique with many design possibilities. It can be used by itself presenting a stylish-flair or combined with other shapes for eye-catching displays. Mariposa is a 12×12 shape with a 4×4 cut out.



The classic square and octagon shapes and combined into one unique, versatile brick paver in our Dekor product. When installed in a continuous pattern, the subtle variations are equally at home in both contemporary courtyard and tradition brick driveway settings.



The floral design of our Rosa product offers a refreshing, stylistic appearance which will bring your patio, sidewalk or driveway to life. The easy pattern layout facilities straight forward installation of your concrete patio design.



Mega Stone is a versatile 3pc paver that is pronounced yet still refined. The larger pieces provide a grander appearance for your driveways, patios, pool decks, and pathways.



Avila is our largest paving stone collection. The larger than normal sizes are bold yet still elegant in their look and feel. With an available 3pc or 5pc configuration, it allows you to have a distinctive look for your driveway, pool deck or patio.



The antiqued appearance of our tumbled brick paver line emanates character suggestive of old European roadways.They allow for gentle curves and winding pathways eliminating the need for cuts. The rustic, aged appearance adds to the ambiance of landscaping designs. Tumbled pavers are well suited for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic, residential brick driveways, as patio stones, and for swimming pool decks.

Flat Brick

Flat Brick

Our Flat Brick is truly flat with no chamfers for a seamless look of beauty. Flat Brick is well suited for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic, residential driveways, and for swimming pool decks.


Mega Slate

MegaSlate has a textured surface appearance that reflects elegance and quality and like our MegaStone, it is a versatile 3pc paver that is pronounced yet still refined. The larger pieces provide a grander appearance for your driveways, patios, pool decks, and pathways.



Apollo is an extremely refined architectural masterpiece. It has a contemporary look to balance out any outdoor setting. With grace and elegance, the Apollo is sure to make your project beyond beautiful. The larger pieces provide a grander appearance for your patios, pool decks, and pathways.

ADA Pavers

ADA Pavers

ADA compliant 4×8’s provide visual and textural warnings for pedestrian access points.



Cascade is an elegant design that will make any setting appear more beautiful. It is a two piece paver set (8×8 and 12×12) that is perfect for your patio, pathways and driveways.

Temple Hurst Sierra



Roma Sand Dune


Plank Light Huntington / Natural Grey / Charcoal


Tuscany Granite


Stonehurst Sierra


Stonehurst Antirque Sierra

Stonehurst Antiqued

Mega Olde Towne Sierra

Mega Olde Towne

Mega Olde Towne Antiqued Sierra

Mega Olde Towne Antiqued

Old Towne Sierra

Olde Towne

Old Towne Antiqued Granite

Olde Towne Antiqued

4x8 Brick Paver Glacier

4×8 Brick

4x8 Brick Paver Antiqued Cappucino

4×8 Antiqued Brick

Romanesque Circles Oak Run

Romanesque Circle




Porcelain Chrome


Park Plaza

Park Plaza

Shellstone White




Green Collections

Aqua Paver Autumn Blend

Aqua Paver

SF Rima Permeable Pavers Charcoal

SF Rima

4x8 Permeable Sierra

4×8 Permeable

Stonehurst Antirque Sierra

Old Towne Permeable

Turf Block

Turf Block

Pervious Pavers Sierra

Pervious Pavers

Clay Pavers

Old Detroit Reclaimed Clay Pavers

Old Detroit Reclaimed

Featuring the telltale minor imperfections from decades of weathering, Old Detroit Reclaimed Bricks offer a distinct look and durable quality that stands the test of time. Very clean with sharp edges and a smooth texture, Old Detroit Reclaimed Clay Pavers feature a palette of oranges with some “Motor City Blacks” for extra authenticity.

Old Columbia Clay Pavers

Old Columbia Clay Pavers

269 square feet per cube.

Reminiscent of a time gone by, our Old Columbia Clay Pavers are made of sustainably sourced clay. Varying shades of reds, pinks, and buff, are flecked with black throughout, showcasing the unique characteristics of each paver.

Retaining Walls

Stonegate Sierra


Munich Sierra


Compac Prairie



Stonegate Fireplace Sierra


Munich Fire Pits Sierra

Fire Pits

Bullnose Coping Tan

Bullnose Coping

Roma Edger Text Texture

Roma Edger

Contempo Bullnose Natura Grey

Contempo Bullnose


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